Foster and Company
The Strengths of Foster and Company

Foster and Company is a recognized leader in the field of preventative maintenance products and services. Our commitment to meeting and exceeding customer demands has resulted in the development of long-standing relationships and loyalties.

Virtually every business can use the products we market. Every piece of equipment, every vehicle, and every building require maintenance. Industries are acutely aware of the need to maintain each entity so that it runs efficiently—without time lost in excessive equipment failure.

Our high-performance products, engineered for exceptional reliability and durability, surpass the technical expectations in almost all preventative maintenance applications. Foster and Company's Research and Development continues to make a major commitment to enhance and improve applications, even for aging machinery and equipment.

Because of our large, computerized inventories and strategically-placed regional warehouses, we are able to fill 95% of our orders within 24 hours. Home office support at the very top level is available to customers and sales people via our toll-free 800 number.