Foster and Company
The Future of Foster and Company

Foster and Company recognizes industry's increasing demands for preventative maintenance products and services. Innovations throughout our 50-year history have resulted in profitable, steady growth.

Since our sales are made directly to the users of our products, we have made a major commitment to the training and support of our sales specialists. Our sales personnel are trained to recognize and solve customer problems. They act as consultants by demonstrating more productive procedures, minimizing operating costs, and reducing equipment failure.

Our strategic plans forecast sizeable sales increases within five years. In order to meet these projections, we are expanding all areas of our sales organization—from representatives to area and district managers. Opportunities for professional sales growth abound as we seek to establish additional branch offices throughout the country.

We believe our future lies in

  • Training New People
    Developing sales personnel through ongoing specialized training programs.
  • Product
    Quality, high-performance products designed for old and new maintenance repair applications.
  • Expansion
    Development and expansion of new and existing territories.
  • Commitment
    We remain constant in our commitment to the Foster and Company principles of service, quality, and reliability.