Foster and Company

In addition to the immediate compensation covered in the Area Development Compensation Plan, we offer various benefits, which affect earnings.

Company-Paid Advertising Fund

The company provides each salesperson with a promotional fund for the various promotional items that are a necessary part of doing business. The amount provided is equivalent to approximately 2% of sales. These funds can be used by the salesperson to order premiums and other giveaways for the customers.

Company-Paid Promotions

To help provide incentives for the customer to purchase various items or quantities, the company continually runs promotions. These are company-paid and can be used at no additional charge to the salesperson.

Toll-Free Access to Home Office

We provide a toll-free 800 number into each office. Both customers and our salespeople can use this number each time they need to contact the office. This means they incur no personal expense to call the office.

Social Security

Many companies hire salespeople as independent agents, which means they are responsible for all taxes paid to the government. Independent agents must pay 15% of their earnings to FICA. in order to be eligible for Social Security benefits. Because Foster and Company hires salespeople as employees, the company assumes responsibility for half of the the FICA payments. This is a savings of 7 1/2% of the employee's earnings.

Workman's Compensation & Short-Term Disability

Again, as an employee of the company and not an independent agent, the employee receives these insurance benefits from the company. Independent agents must carry these expenses on their own.

401(k) Profit Sharing

The company has established a 401(k) Profit Sharing Plan to reward long-term employees for their dedicated service to the firm. Foster and Company makes contributions to this plan each year.

Executive Club Benefits

When a salesperson reaches a sales volume level of $120,000 per year or more, he or she becomes a member of our Executive Club. Reaching this status entitles the person to additional benefits.

Benefit Allowance

The company will pay a $100 per month bonus as long as the employee maintains $120,000 per year in net yearly billings.

Retirement Package

To reward Executive Club members for dedicated service and to provide additional future security, each year in which the member sells in excess of $120,000 the company will contribute $1,000 plus 1% of sales in excess of $120,000 to a retirement account. These monies are deposited in an interest-bearing account and accumulate tax-free. Payments are distributed over a 10-year period, which will begin automatically at age 65, or optionally after 20 years of service. Payments are not considered earned income and will not affect Social Security benefits.

Hospitalization & Group Major Medical/Life Insurance

You will be eligible to join our Group Medical Plan on the 15th of the month following 60 days of employment. No physical examination is required. Foster and Company contributes 70% of the "employee" cost toward every plan member's medical insurance.